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Guidelines for Authors



1. Principles



1.1 About RTejournal

RTejournal is a freely accessible ejournal, which publishes articles from the field of generative or additive manufacturing. Publication language is German or English. All submitted articles must correspond to the publishing guidelines. They will be peer-reviewed before publication.

1.2 Legal License

The guidelines for authors follow in general the directives of the Digital Peer Publishing License (currently valid version: Version 2.0, June 2004) from the Ministry of Science and Research of North-Rhine/Westphalia. Authors do not receive any payment for publicized articles. Publications are at the expense of RTejournal and free of charge for the author. There is no legal claim of publication.

2. Legal conditions for publication

2.1 Author’s contract

By signing the contract the responsible author acknowledges the guidelines of RTejournal. A signed copy of the contract is to be send to the editorial office either by post or by fax.

2.2 Authorship

In the author contract the responsible author confirms, that he or she is in possession of all rights of the article as well as of all supplied figures and illustrations. Granted rights to RTejournal do not touch any other rights. All named authors insure that they participated with a substantial contribution to the creation of the article. They agree both to the form and the content of the manuscript. If material (e.g. illustrations or tables) from other sources is used, the responsible author must have received the permission for publishing from the holder of the copyrights.

2.3 Author’s rights

There is no transfer of the copyright from the author to RTejournal. The author as initiator of the scientific achievement retains all copyrights to the article. Articles may be republished elsewhere provided that RTejournal is explicitly acknowledged as the original source of publication.

2.4 Granted rights

RTejournal is authorized, unrestricted by time and place, to reproduce the work in electronic form, to pass the work on to third parties by electronic means and to make the the work publicly available by download. RTejournal is also licensed to list and store the article for an unlimited period in electronic data bases or other directories. All other rights of exploitation are not restricted. The rights for physical use, particularly the rights to distribute the work in printed form or on storage media, remain with the author or other holders of rights.

Guidelines for publishing

1. Languages

Manuscripts can be submitted in German or English.

2. Length of articles

In order to ensure the legibility at the screen, the pure text of the contributions should not contain more than approx. 15,000 characters. The formulations should correspond to the medium and consist predominantly of short and clear sentence structures.

3. Bibliographic data

Page no. 1 should include the title and optionally the subtitle of the article, followed by the names of all participating authors as well as the name of the institution they work for.

4. Abstract and Keywords

An abstract (max. 1000 characters) summarizing the content of the manuscript, followed by appropriate keywords, is to be prefixed to the article.
Abstract and keywords can be translated into German / English either by the author or by the editorship.

5. Structure and formation

The content of the articles should be structured into headings, subheadings and text paragraphs. Single paragraphs can optionally include lists and tables or images. Tables and images should be continuously numbered. A short description should be placed under each table and image. All documents can be submitted in standard text format. The editorship carries out the final formatting.

6. Reference list / citation

The literature cited in the text is listed at the end of the article. References should be numbered consecutively in the same order in which they are marked in the text. At the end of the content the listing of the corresponding references is to be added under the respective number.

7. Contact data

At the end of the manuscript contact information should be placed including the name and email-address of the author(s) and the institution they work for. All authors agree in the author-contract to the publication of these data.

8. File types

Articles can be submitted in the doc, rtf, pdf or html format electronically via the editing system or by email. Manuscripts may include tables, diagrams and pictures in gif or jpg format. Additionally to images merged into the text, separate files should be provided with explicit file names. Tiff, bmp, ps or png files will be edited and compressed by the editorship before publication.